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Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a service that speeds up the monthly check-writing chore. Instead of writing checks, bill-pay users click boxes and type amounts. SBSU and CheckFree do the rest. Add vendors to your Bill Pay list by using the information on bills.

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State Bank's Bill Pay Partner

Our Bill Pay provider, CheckFree, uses risk model for paying bills. This means that funds are debited from your account at about the same time the bill is paid.

Most payments to established companies are handled by electronic methods. The remainder are divided between laser drafts (a check that posts to the user's account) and corporate checks (a check from CheckFree's account). SBSU cannot control the payment method chosen by CheckFree. Some high value transactions are sent by paper check.

The system automatically defaults to the earliest payment date, which the user may accept or adjust to a later date.

Bill Pay NSF Caution: Two NSF/OD fees may apply - one from SBSU and one from CheckFree. SBSU may return CheckFree's collection attempt because of insufficient funds (NSF) in your account, in which case you will receive two NSF fees, one immediately from SBSU and another from CheckFree at month end. View fees.

Stop Payments: SBSU or CheckFree stop payment fees may apply depending upon the payment type. CheckFree charges $25 per stop. View our fee schedule for SBSU stop payment fees.

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