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 State Bank of Southern Utah Fee Schedule - Revised 12/2016Cost 
 2-Signature Confirmation1 – Bank calls to confirm a check that is presented without required signatures$10 
 Account Closure – If within 6 months of opening and no other account relationship exists with SBSU$25 
 Bill Pay4 – Standard fee unless qualifications are met for free bill pay (see below)$5/mo. for 15, then 50¢ each 
 Bill Pay4 – Totally Free. Offered with enrollment in eStatements or with Emerald Elite Checking.No charge 
 Cashier's Checks or Money Orders$2 each 
 Coin Processing Fee$2 per bag 
 Currency Processing Fee$2 per $1K 
 Collection Exchange – SBSU exchanges NSF deposit item for good funds at another bank$25 
 Debit Card Replacement Fee (Standard Mail Delivery)$5 
 Debit Card Replacement Fee (Rush Delivery)up to $75 
 Dormant Account – Per month after inactivity Period (1 Year Checking, 3 Years Savings)$5 
 Excessive Withdrawals – Per item after 6 per month  
     Money Market (In-person withdrawals unlimited)$10 
     Savings (ATM withdrawals unlimited)$5 
 Foreign Non-Canadian Check Processing2 – Processing foreign check other than Canadian$25 per check 
 Foreign Canadian Check Processing2 –Processing Canadian checks (payable in U.S. funds or Canadian)$1.50 per check 
 Foreign Currency2 – Allow time for delivery$25 per order 
 Foreign Draft2 –Allow time for delivery$10 per draft + $25 handling 
 Foreign Currency Buyback2$25 handling 
 Foreign Draft Buyback2$10 per draft 
 Gift Cards3 – Single Load, Value $10 - $1,000 per card  
     1-9 cards$5.00 each 
     10 or more cards$3.50 each 
     25 or more cards with custom name imprint$3.50 each 
IRA Transfer - Transfer IRA funds to another institution$25 each
 Legal processing – Garnishment / Levy$25 per instance 
 Notary Public  
     Account-holders5 pages free then $1 each 
     Non-account holders$5 flat fee + $1 per page 
 NSF/Return Check4&5 - Consumer accounts limited to fee occurrence of 4 per day (separate from OD fee). 
$25 each 
 Overdraft /Check Paid Against Insufficient Funds – Consumer accounts limited to fee occurrence of 4 per day (separate from NSF fee).$25 each 
 Interest rate applied to Overdrawn Accounts – Interest applied to negative account balances. Charged at the end of the monthly cycle when the statement prints18% per annum 
 Research / Reprints / Miscellaneous  
     Statement Reprint$3 each 
     Check Copy$1 per page 
     Research by bank personnel$30 / hr. 
     Fax$2 per page 
     Miscellaneous Copies$1 per page 
 Return Deposit Item Processing (OD charges may apply if return overdraws account)$3 
 Return Mail / Bad Address$5 
 Stop payment$25 
 Transfer / Overdraft Prevention – Bank initiated to maintain a balance or prevent an overdraft, including SureCash transfers$3 
 Teller or Employee Assisted Transfers  
     Between accounts at SBSU$3 
     Convenience Transfers that involve other institutions$10 
 Wire Transfers  
     Incoming (except customers on Account Analysis)$0 
     Incoming for Account Analysis customers (soft charge)$2 
     Outgoing Domestic$15 
     Outgoing International with US correspondent & RTN$35 
     Outgoing International with unknown US correspondent$70 
  1. 2-Signature Accounts: If you require us to look for two (2) signatures on your checks, your account will be charged $10 if the balance falls below $1000 anytime during the monthly cycle. We will also charge your account $10 to contact you in order to confirm each check that is presented without the required signatures. 2-signature restrictions are not allowed on Free Checking or Free E Checking.
  2. Foreign Currency/Drafts: Contact the Assistant to the CFO at 435-865-2312
  3. Gift Cards: Contact Card Dept. at 435-865-2331 for more information
  4. NSF and Bill Pay: A $20 NSF fee will be passed along to the account holder if debit to fund a bill pay is returned. Bill Pay users may therefore incur $45 in NSF fees for one bill pay; $25 immediately from SBSU and $20 from the provider at month end.
  5. Item: An “item” is any debit transaction, generally a check, return deposit, ACH or ATM/POS against a business account or one-time ATM/POS for consumers opted-in to our Reg E Overdraft program.
Safe Deposit Box Rental Annual Cost (subject to availability)
3 x 5: $15 • 3 x 10: $30 • 5 x 5: $25 • 5 x 10: $40 • 10 x 10: $70