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Hometown banking was established in southern Utah with the opening of State Bank of Southern Utah in 1957. Hometown banking is important because people who live and work in southern Utah make the decisions. Bank employees and officers understand the banking needs of area residents because they are affected by the same economic climate. State Bank of Southern Utah serves the banking needs of customers located in 14 branches throughout southern Utah. SBSU has experienced strong and steady growth since and today have more than $1.15 billion in assets with over 240 employees.

Benefits of banking with a local bank are:

  • Local officers make credit approvals
  • Product pricing is established locally
  • Products are adjusted to fit individual market needs
  • Officers enjoy visibility in their communities
  • Charitable giving decisions are made locally
  • Sponsorships are determined locally

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State Bank of Southern Utah (SBSU) prides itself on being active in the communities we serve. Employees are encouraged to be active participants in their communities. Our employees volunteer their time and knowledge to build up the community around them. Some of the ways SBSU serves the communities they live in are:

  • Teach Children to Save Day – SBSU employees go to local schools to teach K-12 students about the importance of saving for the future.
  • Food Drives
  • Angel Trees
  • Utah Summer Games
  • Area Parade of Homes
  • Reading with elementary school students
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Scouting
  • Education
  • Sponsors multiple Red Cross blood drives at our locations each year
  • Participation in community organizations and clubs: Rotary, Lions Club, Kiwanis, Home Builders Associations, Chambers of Commerce


SBSU employees volunteered to help students at East Elementary learn how to read. Our employees were able to take time out of their day to go read with Mrs. Winiger′s 1st grade class. We had 20 employees volunteer throughout 11 weeks. Employees really enjoyed working with these kids and helped each child obtain their Golden Eagle reading award.

East Elementary East Elementary East Elementary


Since 2010 SBSU has received an outstanding rating by the FDIC for their efforts in meeting the credit and community development needs of the communities and neighborhoods that we serve. SBSU invests in the community through providing lending options to small businesses, purchasing bonds to ensure that our communities can fund their economic growth, providing financial expertise to small business owners, and through providing technical assistance as directors for non-profit organizations. SBSU has put significant time and resources back into our communities in order to help sustain healthy and strong economic growth where we live.


SBSU supports community organizations and events through donations and sponsorships. Decisions about how to allocate donations and sponsorships are made by a bank committee. In the past SBSU has contributed to the following categories:

  • Community development & service
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Health and human services
  • Arts and culture
  • Affordable housing
  • Scouting
  • Local sports programs