Card FAQ's

What Are Memo Holds I See on My Account?

Ever wonder why you swipe your card before pumping gas or what the waitress is doing with your ATM/Debit card before you add a tip? Gas stations and restaurants place a pre-authorization hold on your money before the transaction is really complete. Different retailers use different hold amounts to provide them with sufficient assurance the final total will be accepted. The pre-auth hold disappears when the final settlement is transmitted to the bank except when the authorization codes differ. When that happens you may see both the pre-authorization hold and the final settlement on your account for up to three days. Usually, the effect is not serious, as the bank ignores pre-auth holds when processing checks, and the holds fall off anyway. However, the hold can reduce available funds so that future pre-authorizations or ATM withdrawals may be declined.

Contact the Card Department at 435-865-2331 to inquire about duplicate items.

Where can I get Consumer Counseling?

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