No minimum balance requirement, 500 free transactions, check images included in the monthly statement and $20K in cash or coin services at no charge. It doesn't get any better than this! Small Business Checking is a great account for any business, non-profit group or association.

What counts as a transaction? Any type of debit or credit. A deposit item also counts. Example: an account with one electronic credit, one posted check, and one deposit ticket followed by two deposit items has five transactions. Whew! only 495 to go! Transactions above 500 per monthly cycle cost 25¢ each. Coin and cash services above $20K per monthly cycle cost $4 per thousand.

Get free bill pay when you sign up for E-statements!

Two Signatures Required Exclusion: Accounts with two-signatures required will be charged $10 per monthly cycle if the balance falls below $1000.

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