Investor and Stockholder Information

State Bank of Southern Utah is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Utah Bancorp.  This holding-company structure provides the flexibility for other business lines to be added should the opportunity arise.

Southern Utah Bancorp is a private, C-Corporation, meaning that it is not registered with a public stock exchange.  Sales and purchases of Southern Utah Bancorp stock are privately arranged between buyers and sellers. 

Buyers of stock are responsible for tracking the cost basis.  Records must be maintained so that accurate capital gain/loss information may be provided to the IRS should the stock be sold, regardless of the holding period.

As required by the IRS regulations, stock split information must be reported on Form 8937.  That information is provided here for 2015 and here for 2022.

Contact Information

David Eberhard
Secretary, Southern Utah Bancorp
377 N Main St
PO Box 340
Cedar City, UT 84721

Bonnie Bowler
Southern Utah Bancorp
377 N Main
PO Box 340
Cedar City, UT 8471