Home Loans Overview

Conventional Loans

CONVENTIONAL LOANS - With conventional loans there are a variety of loan terms and products available, and they typically have fewer fees than most loans.  Conventional loans are very heavily credit score driven. 

RDA Loans

RURAL(RDA) LOANS - A rural loan does not require a down payment, and you can finance the closing costs into your loan if the property is eligible for it. This loan is also lenient on little to no credit history. 

FHA Loans

FHA LOANS - The FHA home loan qualifying criteria are not as strict as other loans, and down payment requirements are traditionally lower as well.  FHA loans are available for first time home buyers and seasoned borrowers as well.

VA Loans

VA LOANS - The advantages of a VA loan are no down payment required, reduced fees, no mortgage insurance, and more lenient qualifying criteria.  VA loans can be used multiple times and for multiple properties.