Convert Visa Statements to Paperless


Less Paper Equals More Benefits

It only takes seconds to enroll! The choice is yours. Go green and elect to stop receiving your monthly credit card statement in the mail to conserve paper and gain greater financial control.

View your credit card statement online - anytime, anywhere. You'll never miss the paper, and you'll enjoy the benefits of this free service to:

  • Increase financial control:  View your interactive online statements to find and sort transactions without searching through piles of paper statements. Also receive automated alerts, such as payment due notification.
  • Faster statement delivery:  Electronic statements are delivered on average three to five times faster than paper statements.
  • Improve functionality:  Online access gives you additional information to help you understand your statement. You can also easily review electronic statements from previous months.
  • Reduce your risk of fraud:  Electronic statements provide security and reduce the risk of mail fraud and identity theft.

Experience the convenience of paperless statements and protect your planet. It's fast, it's easy and it's secure.

How To Convert your Visa statements to paperless E-statements.


Your Visa Credit Card needs to be registered at After completing the secure card registration, login to your card information.

At the Home Page Menu:

  1. Choose Statements
  2. Choose Delivery Options
  3. Choose Paperless
  4. Review the Legal Agreement & Choose "I Agree"
  5. An e-mail address is required for notification

You will receive an e-mail notification when the statement is available on


If you have questions please call the BankCard Department:435-865-2300 or 1-800-662-1788