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Pre-Conversion checklist for BIG Interest Checking . . .

Convert my personal checking account to Free E-Checking...

  • This is for converting personal Checking accounts only.*
  • Earn interest on my collected balance $500 or above.
  • Get Free Bill Pay.
  • Get my Statement with Check Images Electronically.
  • Eliminate minimum balance fees.

*If you have a Business account we recommend you convert to E-Statements in order to get free Bill Pay.

Note: It is not necessary for you to sign up for E-statements after converting your account to Free E Checking. We do that for you as part of the conversion process. You will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail.


If you have questions please call:
Toll free at 1-800-788-8307
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Required Information

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  (You must have an existing personal account at SBSU prior to conversion.)

Note: You must be a signer on all listed accounts.

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adobe reader©

You will need Adobe Reader © installed on your computer in order to view your PDF statement.

Special Code:  Required   Code is Incorrect 
(Enter the phrase seen in the image above to verify that you can view your PDF statement).

If you cannot see the Special Code, you will need to download Adobe Reader©
Don't have Adobe Reader?
Click here to get your free download off the Adobe Web site.

If you have questions please call: 435-865-2394 or Toll free at 1-800-788-8307

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E-Sign Act Disclosures

  • You agree to receive electronic statements that will be made available on our Online Banking System.
  • You will no longer receive a periodic statement in paper form, but you may request one at anytime (a fee may apply).
  • Moreover, you may switch back to a different account type at anytime, including one that includes paper statements. You will not be charged a fee to switch your account.
  • The rates, benefits and fees (if any) associated with the account you choose will then apply.
  • Your agreement to receive electronic statements applies only to the accounts you have listed on this form.
  • To change your account type or update your contact information contact us at or call us at 435-865-2394.
  • To request a paper statement, please contact your branch office. A print fee may apply (refer to our fee table).
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Read disclosures and submit Below


All of the terms and conditions of the original account agreement remain in affect except for the following changes:

  • Your monthly account statement will be made available on our Internet Banking site in Adobe PDF format after the first banking day of each month. You must have Adobe Reader installed to view your statement.
  • The statement cut-off will be moved to the first banking day of the month (see note below).
  • You agree, for regulatory purposes, that you have been notified of your account activity by the 2nd banking day of each month, regardless if you actually view your electronic statement.
  • Combined SureCash or savings will be included on the E-statement.
  • You agree to notify SBSU of your address changes for notices that we mail (1099 tax information, overdraft notices, etc.) or notices that we E-mail. You may notify us of address changes by logging into our Internet Banking System, and clicking on "Other Services", and then "Change Address."
  • Free Bill Pay: This account provides free bill pay through our Internet Banking System, but access will be turned off after three consecutive months of inactivity. The service may be turned on again at anytime at no charge, but payee information may be lost. Both SBSU and CheckFree NSF fees may apply. Click here to more about how bill pay works.
  • The interest rate on this account may change at the bank's discretion at anytime. The rate is currently 0.250% (Annual Percentage Yield - APY - at 0.25%).
  • Interest compounds monthly and is credited at the end of the monthly cycle. You will lose the accrued interest if you close the account before it credits.
  • You must maintain $500.00 collected balance in the account each day to earn the advertised APY. Non-cash deposits (checks) are considered "collected" after the bank receives credit for them through the Federal Reserve Banking System, usually one banking day following the day of deposit. No interest will accumulate each day the account is below $500 collected balance.
  • Images of the fronts of your checks are standard with your monthly statement. You may request to have the rear of the checks also included in your statement so that you may view endorsements. In addition, our Online Banking System shows both sides of cleared checks at (enrollment required).
  • Review the Fee Schedule

Electronic Statement Note: Your E-Statement with check images is written to our Internet Banking System by the second banking day of each month. We will attempt to notify you by E-mail when it is ready. View it by logging into our Internet Banking System, select History and then Statements. Select the month the statement was made available (i.e. select February to view January activity).

Printer Friendly Disclosures

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