Bankcard Services

State Bank offers a variety of bankcard products. Use your debit or credit card wherever Visa is accepted. We can set you up with gift cards, merchant services and Surecash overdraft protection.

Arrow Icon Debit Cards

Make purchases or obtain cash wherever Visa is accepted. Use the same card to conduct either signature-based credit transactions or PIN-based ATM/debit transactions, depending upon the capability of the retailer.

Arrow Icon Credit Cards

Conduct transactions or obtain cash anywhere on the planet where Visa is accepted. Charges accumulate on your monthly statement. Interest accrues only if the unpaid balance is not paid before the end of the grace period.

Arrow Icon Gift Cards

A Gift Card is perfect for any occasion because it is always the right color and size. Visit any of our branches to purchase a card.

Arrow Icon Merchant Services (Credit Card Processing)

Accept cards in your place of business simply through your phone line or Ethernet hookup. All of our terminals are PCI compliant and can support EMV and SCR technology.

Arrow Icon SureCash (Overdraft Protection)

State Bank offers inexpensive overdraft protection through our SureCash Line of Credit.

Arrow Icon Mobile Wallets

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your State Bank card using Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Android    Pay®.

Arrow Icon EMV Chip Technology

State Bank of Southern Utah Visa Credit Cards now come with built-in EMV chip technology.

Arrow Icon SecurLock Equip Mobile App

The SecurLock Equip app gives you the ability to control your debit card settings from a supported mobile device.

Merchant Services Solutions
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