Non-Profit Accounts: We recommend Small Business Checking for your non-profit group or association.

Business Savings: Available to any type of business, including DBA, Sole Proprietor, Corporations, etc. Interest accrues daily and pays quarterly. Interest rate may vary. FDIC insured. Withdrawals are limited to 6 per month.

Business Certificate of Deposit: Available to any type of business located in the State of Utah. FDIC insured. Click this link for CD rates.

Business Account Analysis: This account is very similar to our Commercial Checking with one important difference. The earnings credit offsets a broader list of bank services, including wires and stop payments. Account analysis is recommended for businesses with heavy wire or stop-pay volume.

Business Sweep Account: This account earns interest, is not FDIC Insured, but is backed with US Treasuries. It pays a competitive rate of interest to businesses with excess cash. The account works by sweeping funds from a transaction account (checking) to a separate investment account that earns interest. Fast facts are as follows:

  • No minimum dollar requirement for checks written on the account
  • $50 per month maintenance
  • $10K collected is maintained in the transaction account (non-interest bearing)
  • Excess funds are swept each night to an interest bearing account
  • Checks or other debits = 10¢ per item
  • Deposit items average about 4¢ per item
  • Excess funds earn interest at a very competitive rate
  • The sweep account starts to make sense for the business with about $125K in excess funds

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