Business Overview

State Bank of Southern Utah provides a wide array of business loans designed to help businesses of all sizes to reach their goals.  We have a unique, relationship-driven approach that makes decision making very easy.  Local committees meet weekly to discuss new loan requests and can make decisions to move forward without having to obtain approval from outside of the area. With State Bank, you can be assured that you have a lending partner that will stand by you in good times and bad. We’ve been doing things that way since 1957 and we’re not about to change.

IconSBA Loans

SBA loans can provide startup financing, working capital for expansion, or money for a variety of useful business purposes. SBA loans keep your monthly payments low by offering longer repayment plans and reasonable interest rates.

IconBusiness Lines of Credit 

Get one today and grab short-lived opportunities. Credit lines help business owners manage cash flows, take purchase discounts, and reduce seasonal worries.

IconEquipment and Vehicle Financing

We can help your small business fund purchases to maximize productivity. Term is matched to the useful life of the equipment or vehicle.

IconBusiness Real Estate 

Our loan programs allow you to purchase a wide variety of real estate. Whether you're looking to buy a building lot for a future project, a new building to house your existing operation, or a long-term investment property.

IconBusiness Construction 

State Bank's construction lending process, from approvals to draw request to disbursements, is second to none for convenience, speed and flexibility.

IconAgriculture Loans 

State Bank of Southern Utah offers a wide array of agricultural financing products.



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